The Prince’s Trust: A youth charity that helps change young people’s lives with training, mentoring and financial support.!!!!


The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that helps change young lives.

The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading youth charity and believes that every young person should have the chance to succeed.

When young people first come to The Trust their confidence is usually at rock bottom. They may have struggled at school, been in care, been long-term unemployed or in trouble with the law. Often they think that their future is already mapped out with little or no prospect of personal or professional success. It’s amazing how quickly The Trust staff and volunteers can help them to change their outlook.

The Prince’s Trust runs seven core programmes aimed at young people aged from 13-30 to help them to identify their strengths, take responsibility for themselves and work towards a career and future they can be proud of. Whether it’s motivating some of the hardest-to-reach teenagers to stay in school, giving young people practical skills and work experience or backing brilliant business ideas, The Trust help young people make a success of their lives.

Last year The Prince’s Trust supported 3812 young people from across the North East.



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